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​Ricks the best. I was stranded on one of my bleakest points of my life and Rick empowered me by believing in me. Thanks to him, I realized my true potential. I graduated from college and landed a good job.


 ​fashion designer


​My business failed but in just 4 months, I got back to my feet. Thanks to Rick for his commendable life advises.


 ​a successful entrepreneur

a successful entrepreneur

“The path to success is hard but it’s not impossible. I will reach my height of success slow and steady. I won’t give up.”

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

“Thanks for telling me I can’t – you’re the reason I will”

“If you really want to do something – what are you waiting for? Get up and Carpe diem.”

Sales Speaking

Know the art of making a good deal. What does it take to become ‘The Wolf of The Street’? Get more profit today, by benefiting off Rick’s life lessons from the business world.

​Leadership Speaking

How to become a leader and lead a group of ambitious individuals? Who knows, maybe you are a natural born leader and all you needed was a little garnishing. Consult Rick today for a session.

Business ​Speaking

The challenges of a growing business and how your attitude can influence it. Also, majority of people seem to think about opting for either a business or a job for their career. Consult Rick for a brighter future.

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